Hey guys its been a little too long since i updated you about my weight loss journey. This is because i have been a little bit busy trying to get my other posts up and so i unfortunately left you guys on the loop. Not to worry i'have got you covered.
I am a registered member of a gym obviously because in my opinion that is a really big step for me especially because i need that support from other people so as to get motivated and it has helped me immensely.
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It has been really hard for me to push through but am very very happy i have my support system which is my family of course who tell me to keep doing what am doing because at  the end i ave a goal.
I will try to update you guys regulary about my journey and encourage you to be healthy and live healthy.
To see me more in action follow me on snapchat +Bertie Monono  @bertie Monono  and send your questions.

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